Why has it become fashionable to sit on the pills?

I sneezed, coughed, my head fell ill, my stomach grabbed … Immediately in a home medicine cabinet or colleagues there is a suitable tablet. And even a bad mood is now treated with drugs. Why are we haste to use chemistry? Is there any other way to cope with unpleasant symptoms? Let’s try to deal with the psychologist.

No matter how paradoxical it sounds, a modern person is more sensitive than his ancestors. “In the past, most people simply had no time to indulge in thoughts, and with the onset of a century of technology there was more time for experiencing and reflection,” says the bodily-oriented therapist Alexei Yezhkov. – Previous generations were engaged in physical labor, they had no time to reflect on the meaning of being. And now there is freedom, the opportunity to sit down, think and suddenly discover: something is happening with my body and feelings. “.

Until now, among the older people, there is an opinion that all “nonsense” is from idleness. And the recipe is obvious: if there are “wrong” thoughts or suffering, take a shovel and go dig, immediately “all the nonsense will leave”. Yes, and the person of the 21st century himself does not really want to worry – it is unpleasant, prevents him from concentrating and acting. Yes, and just scary, finally. But not everyone is in a hurry to follow the example of Forrest Gump and run, run, run. It’s easier to use a “magic pill”.

Our age is swift, and we are trying not to lose speed in order to stay in the stream. And if something went wrong, you need to instantly return to duty. Perhaps that is why cognitive-bi-osciloral psychotherapy, which is even covered in insurance in the United States, is so popular now. It helps to quickly relieve symptoms and return a person to working condition: so that he does not worry for a long time, you need to fix it more likely. “In our narcissistic age, society requires everyone to be quick and successful. There is no time to worry, talk about your weaknesses, ”explains Alexei Yezhkov.

And we resort to tablets – they drown out feelings and unpleasant sensations in the body. But is it so healing and safe for our psyche?

Drown out the pain at all costs

“Sensations, emotions, feelings – our signaling system that reports what is happening to us,” the psychologist argues. – There are two options for working with her: you can ignore it, or you can thinly configure it.

We have a sensation, it signals something about something, an emotion appears on its basis, then the feeling. Here is such a hierarchy.

Taking the pills, we slowly turn off this chain, ignoring the call sign and adapting to the drugs, and in the end we stop feeling ”. But the ability to understand ourselves is just the skill that we have been developing since childhood. Now, at the slightest discomfort, we strive to “turn off” it. Simply because they are not used to uncomfortable sensations.

And we are talking about pain not only physical, but also mental. Bad mood, stress, sudden fear … The body signals: something happens to it. But instead of understanding what exactly, we often take the drug that calms us up, raises the mood. Of course, there are severe cases of clinical endogenous depression, when you can not do without medicines that restore the biochemical balance. But now it’s fashionable to even the slightest alarm to the dull of sedative.

“The drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist do not treat the disease as such,” explains Alexei Yozhkov. – They simply make a person convenient for society or give an opportunity for psychotherapy, removing the acute state. After that, you can start working with a psychotherapist “.

And talk?

Many of us have friends or colleagues who love to publicly complain about malaise. Then their head hurts – and this immediately becomes a topic for an office conversation. Then they turned their leg – and others vying advised ointments and lotions that will definitely help.

“Such people have a secondary benefit from pain – the opportunity to talk about themselves,” the psychologist states. -Someone to chat, goes to the smoking room. And someone attracts attention, telling about their ailments. This is a way to declare yourself, to call others to take care. Some cannot approach a colleague and just tell something. Or ask another: “How are you?” – and in response to tell about your joys and sorrows. Help a person to develop communication skills, teach to declare himself a healthier way is also a task of psychotherapy. “.

Often we feel shame or guilt, but we do not even realize this or run from these feelings. It is especially difficult for those who have been extinguished their feelings all their lives, did not let them out, blocked the needs and desire to make contact. They simply cannot ask another about his well -being or talk about themselves. Often, it is precisely such people who complain of headaches.

There is a thin line between care and violence against themselves – oddly enough, these concepts are often confused. Sometimes it’s really worth drinking a tablet so as not to suffer, but then it is still better to deal with the reasons – yourself or turning to a psychotherapist. “The 80% of those of my customers who complain of headaches have a constantly tense neck,” says Alexey Yezhkov. – in the tension are the neck muscles, frontal, temporal and occipital, connected by tendon helmet. The neck in bodily practice serves as a “controller”, turning off the head from the body. People who are trying to control emotions, often problems with her. Straining muscles, we block normal lymph flow and blood flow “.

If you go to the massage of the cervical-brothel zone, for some time the head will not hurt. But here is a comprehensive work. Especially if a person for half his life did not notice what is happening to him, that he actually “blocks” and “transmits”.

Be in society and keep yourself

The flows of information that falls on us from all sides, and the fact that we live close to each other imposes a huge psycho -emotional load on us. To save yourself, it is important to go not only to fitness, but also to a psychologist, according to Alexei Yezhkov. And this is a problem: it seems to many that, seeking help, they sign in their failure, and to be successful, one of the main requirements of the 21st century. But without taking care of their own psyche, success cannot be achieved: too much effort is invested in external successes of success today, and somewhere you need to find a resource for recharging.

“One study showed that most often they are performed by suicide by those who publish photos demonstrating success on social networks,” Aleksey Yezhkov shares. – Narcissism so deeply permeates our life that it often ceases to be healthy. Many are forced to reach for some artificially installed bar. These people have no psychological resources, they live a word in splitting: they do not see themselves in the same way as others perceive them. And this is a misfortune for them “.

The information space was called upon to rally us and improve the exchange of information, but instead it imperceptibly and strongly injures us: interrupting our needs, imposes standards. A lot of energy goes to withstand the crowd – for example, staying at home on Friday evening, when everyone goes to the night club. Add here the fear of loneliness, shame … But in fact, each of us needs to be alone with us from time to time.

What to do? Listen to yourself and allow yourself all the feelings without exception. Observe the balance: be in society and remain autonomous. “Each of us can come to society and ask for support, and then stay alone without any shame,” reminds Alexei Yezhkov. – It is important to remember that our sensations and emotions are not bad and not good. They are our main regulator. And even if we are not used to them, we are scared of their intensity or unusualness, you should not do anesthesia, taking a pill. You can learn to subtly configure our signaling system. We are autonomous creatures and can regulate ourselves, from the inside. It is now fashionable to teach children to count and read from three to five years old. But instead, you need to develop their emotional intelligence, learn to understand your emotions: here I am afraid, here I am happy, but I’m sad. Yes, this cannot be posted on Instagram (an extremist organization banned in Russia). But this is the basis that children need now and adults – in


the future “.






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